About Nominating A Fellow Member For An Award

 CAPR-039-3 Manual


28 Dec 12

Award of CAP Medals, Ribbons and Certificates (ICL18-02ICL19-02 and ICL 21-03 

attached but not incorporated)



23 Jan 15

Operations Ratings, Awards and Badges

From CAPR-039-3:

"Why Awards Are Made. CAP awards are designed to recognize heroism, service and program achievements. Prompt recognition through presentation of awards earned will promote esprit de corps."

"CAP Awards Review Board. All commanders (region, wing, group and squadron) will appoint an awards review board to aid in the administration of this regulation. The awards review board will consist of the personnel officer and two other members designated by the unit commander. The board should meet frequently to assure timely consideration of recommendations received from members of units. The CAP Awards Review Board will review recommendations and propose approval or disapproval to the approving authority."

"Procedures for Recommending Decorations.

a. Who May Initiate Recommendations. Any CAP member having knowledge of an act or

service meriting recognition may initiate a recommendation for an award, except that awards

concerning commanders must be initiated at a higher command level or by the appointing authority

for CSAG members.

b. How to Initiate Recommendations. Recommendations will be submitted through

channels to National Headquarters in two copies on CAP Form 120, Recommendation for

Decoration. Extreme care should be exercised to ensure that all items are complete.

(1) Justification will be included in the narrative statement and should be specific as to

inclusive dates, places, and facts relating to the heroism, achievement or service. The narrative must

clearly portray how the unit’s or individual’s achievements meet or exceed the criteria set forth in

paragraph 9.

(2) A proposed citation to accompany the award will be attached if the Silver Medal of

Valor, Bronze Medal of Valor or Distinguished Service Award is being recommended. (See

Attachment 4.)

c. Channels.

(1) All recommendations for decorations (except the Exceptional Service Award,

Meritorious Service Award, Commander’s Commendation Award, CAP Achievement Award and

Certificate of Recognition for Lifesaving) will be submitted through channels, to include region

headquarters, to National Headquarters."

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