Uniforms & Ribbon Organizer

CAP Uniform Information & Regulations

Use the following links to determine the proper arrangement of your Civil Air Patrol uniforms.

Uniform Manual CAPM 39-1

ABU Wear Instructions & Transition Info (ICLs 16-04 18-02 attached but not incorporated)

Basic wear instructions for our most common uniform combinations are available by clicking the information below.

Cadet male AF-style service uniform

Cadet female AF-style service uniform

Cadet Battle Dress uniform

Senior member male AF-style service uniform

Senior member female AF-style service uniform

Senior member Battle Dress uniform

Aviator shirt and gray slacks combination

Additional Senior Member uniform info from :



CAP Ribbon Organizer

Use the following link to determine the proper arrangement of your Civil Air Patrol awards, ribbons, and devices.

Cadet Ribbons and Awards Organizer Site

For information about a particular award, refer to CAP Regulation 39-3 for specific award criteria.

Award of CAP Medals, Ribbons and Certificates (ICL18-02 attached but not incorporated)  

Uniform Size Chart - Printable .PDF format - Click to download

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